about car recyclers

About Car Recyclers

Carrecyclers.com.au has a straightforward mission that interprets the vehicle selling process. To fulfil our passion, that is why we dedicate our hard work to the customers for their co-ordination and participation in the eco-friendly environment. Since 1995, we have been recycling vehicles in Australia and known as best car wreckers, car removals and cash for cars Brisbane and Gold Coast. We have a hard-working and qualified team of workers. We were founded with specific goals of helping the car owners to ease the time of selling their unwanted vehicles.

We've bought everything from working to damage, even total loss vehicles: our parent company, Qld Cash For Cars Pty. Ltd started with one salvage yard in Brisbane, Qld. We evaluate vehicles with any age, condition and makes & models.


How We Help You Sell Your Car Fast

Our business relates to cars, vans, trucks and 4wd's. We know the importance of vehicles in our life and also the decision to sell a car could be a tough task. That's why our valuation system is fare and do not hide anything to the customers. We will provide you with more competitive prices for your vehicle.

More than 400 locations statewide, we proudly provide you with a free towing to the customers from home to our salvage yard. We regularly improve our process of selling cars that comes to be as comfortable as possible for customers.



Our Services