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  • We accept all makes and models
  • Get maximum money
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Wreckers of Japanese vehicle in Brisbane

Our company has grown a specialization when it comes to dealing with the various automotive. We buy all junk, used, and old models for the recycling purpose.

You probably might have an old vehicle which requires some repairing work done. You have to give any vehicle some routine check and repair treatment which would upgrade its condition. Else, it might turn out to be in a worthless condition. However, our company provides a good option for all its customers. You can avail the opportunity of fetching the right amount of cash in exchange for the unwanted vehicle. Our company evaluates every vehicle without charging any penny. So, the vehicle may e old, used, broken, junk, scrap, or even in a crashed condition, we will be handling it happily. In the end, instead, a proposal for an incredible amount will be given.

Even you will find that to avail cash for a car is one of the best options to check rather than providing a constant space in your yard.

Why sell your vehicle to us?

It is one of the apparent doubts which might come in every mind. You will find positive reviews from all our customers. We make sure to provide quality exchange service. However, some unique features include –

  • Every vehicle is disposed of in the environmental friendly manner. Therefore, social responsibly is kept in mind while disposing of the vehicles.
  • Our company guarantees to pay you the maximum amount of money possible. You can compare the quotes from the other wreckers of the market.
  • Vehicles evaluation is done totally free of cost. At the same time, no obligation is imposed on the customers to deal with us.
  • The towing and car removal cost is borne totally by our company.
  • The dismantling of the car is done in a proper manner to extract all the useful parts. Even we follow safe and clean recycling procedure for the vehicle.

Made and model we acquire

We acquire the entire Japanese vehicle. For us, the running condition of the vehicle is not a concern. Liability as the whole of the vehicle will be of our company if you engage with us. However, the list of Japanese vehicle we acquire includes –

Spare parts at a reasonable cost

  • Japanese vehicles are always in demand among the people. Therefore, the spare parts still have a consistent demand in the market.
  • Our company deals with a good number of different models of vehicle on a daily basis. We ensure to extract all the usable components possible from the vehicle. So, if we find some genuine working parts, it is sent for the various quality checks. If we find it to be in good condition, we place it in the yards.
  • Therefore, you can sell the vehicle of any makes and model regardless of its working condition. Moreover, wrecking and recycling work is done totally free of cost.

Call us now, and we guarantee to provide you 100% satisfaction.

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